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American Pride Library is not a physical place, rather it is a movement.  Parents across the country are growing more concerned every day about the quality of education being offered to their children. School libraries, once trusted locations, are now filled with age-inappropriate books featuring porn, foul-language and anti-American rhetoric. 

OUR SOLUTION: Fill school libraries with the books that parents want their kids to read!

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Our mission is to fill school libraries across the country with books that will give young minds an honest look at American history, teach them about the constitution and U.S. government, and to do this at NO COST to schools. 

At American Pride Library, we believe that patriotism is an important value to instill in young minds. Our carefully curated collection of patriotic books for K-12 schools is designed to foster a deep appreciation and pride for the United States of America.


Join us in bringing the pages of patriotism alive for the next generation.

How Our Library Program Works

The American Pride Library program is designed to ignite grassroots movements in school districts across the country. YOU can launch an American Pride Library in your community - we'll show you how! 



American Pride Library will provide parents or parent organizations the tools and resources to start an American Pride Library campaign in your school district. From webpages to email templates to step-by-step instructions, we'll be your partner as you drive change for your community. 


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American Pride Library depends on donations from generous parents, grandparents, community members, teachers and local leaders who want to make positive change in our schools. Donations can be made directly to a local parent's group in the community where you live.


Teachers' Day


America's dedicated teachers make American Pride Library books come to life! Using the books, posters, and decorations provided in our library kits, teachers and librarians can create an inspiring, patriotic display in their classrooms or school libraries. Teachers can request a library from an active parent group or let us know you'd like a program to be launched at your school. 


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